My God…Kentucky QB Drew Barker Can Take A Massive Sucker Punch…Get Back Up



That’s Kentucky quarterback Drew Barker taking a massive sucker punch from Eastern Kentucky football player Patrick Graffree during a wild night back in January when UK and EKU football players had a bar brawl that eventually led to this payback punch at an EKU dorm.

From the Lexington Herald-Leader:

EKU police provided Richmond police with a copy of a video that shows another, later altercation between Barker and EKU defensive lineman Patrick Graffree at Telford Hall on the EKU campus.

That video, which EKU released Tuesday, shows Barker, Baker and Dubose entering Telford Hall with a woman whom police later identified as Anna-Elizabeth Marcinek, a student who lived at Telford.

The video “shows Graffree taking off his sweatshirt as he enters the building and approaches Baker, Barker and Dubose. Graffree then strikes Barker, knocking him to the ground,” the report says.

A group of people then escort Barker, Baker and Dubose out of the building.

Barker and his boys roughed up an EKU player in the bar brawl. That fight left EKU’s Colton Scurry looking like this.



You have to give credit to Barker here. He actually got up from that punch.