Boston University Goalie Scores Own Goal Late In The National Championship – Team Goes On To Lose



Boston University and Providence played last night in the college hockey National Championship and late in the game, BU’s goalie made one the biggest bonehead plays you’ll ever see.

Now I don’t know really know diddly squat about hockey, but I’m pretty sure as goalie, you’re literally supposed to do the opposite of what Matt O’Connor did. The worst part about it? He did basically the same thing in the Frozen Four semis on Thursday night.


So I feel bad for the kid, but at the same time I don’t. You can’t make two stupid plays like that in back to back games. It’s almost like he had the over in both of them. Just this time his team was only up one. It was so careless, it almost seems purposeful, but I’m no conspiracy theorist.

One person I do feel bad for, though, is this chick. She seems like she was more invested in that team than Matt O’Connor.

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