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Masters piano music
Ahh, it’s that time of year when I hear the first couple keys of Masters music and a wave of warmth overtakes my body. I instantly feel like grabbing an Arnold Palmer and finding a swing where I can watch the squirrels frolic and the green grass grow. The music is in my head. Soft, simple piano keys. As slow as possible for dramatic effect. Hello friends. Nothing tells me it’s about to be 85 and humid like The Masters. Nothing tells me Ohio azaleas will bloom three weeks from now like The Masters where everything is in full bloom. Ahh, spring is finally here. Thank god the Masters starts today. I need to see sunshine. The sun hasn’t been out here since Sunday.
Gambling in the Arena Football League
The Las Vegas Outlaws are showing the gambling line on the scoreboard before games. William Hill logos are even stitched onto jerseys. Don’t be shocked when FanDuel logos are everywhere at sporting events. It’s coming. I said it a year ago — turn stadiums into big casinos. People want to blow money, give them the chance.
Numbers from @ByBerkowitz:

With $66,667 bonus for national title, UConn women’s coach Geno Auriemma has nearly $210,000 in bonuses this season to go w/ $2M basic comp

Staffords Wedding Food Truck, DeJesus Hits Beach & Wayne With Grandson
Staffords Wedding Food Truck, DeJesus Hits Beach & Wayne With Grandson
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