Holly Sonders Came Out Swinging At The Masters

Fox Sports 1 has officially unleashed Holly Sonders on the Masters. Remember how Fox spent a ton of money to get a 12-year TV deal with the USGA? The build-up to June 15 at Chambers Bay is in full swing and that means FS1 letting Holly destroy Augusta National.
That’s golf writer Robert Lusetich and Brad Faxon joining Holly.
See, this is the genius of what Fox is doing with its golf coverage. You have a couple of unpolished guys sitting next to Holly, who looks like she’s been working out, and you can’t look away. Holly’s just being Holly. She carries the show. You don’t want some schmuck like John Feinstein up here talking to Holly. He’d try to overwhelm her with his big mouth. Lusetich is perfect with that British accent. Any channel that carries golf has to have one of those guys. Then we have Faxon who just goes about his business. He’s kinda goofy, harmless. He’s the nice guy at the golf course you want to play a round with during a low-key afternoon.
It’s a good start for FS1.
Advice: Have Lusetich and Faxon lose the cards. It makes them look like they’re not ready to roll. Holly can lob softballs to these guys. Cue up Tiger, Rory and Phil questions.

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