Jimena Sanchez – The Mexican Kardashian – Is Pumped For Baseball Season

Baseball is back and so is hot Mexican sports TV reporter Jimena Sanchez, a longtime Yankees fan, who doesn’t waffle with her love for certain sports franchises. As has been documented by BC over the years, she’s super loyal to the Raiders and Lakers. The Yankees have always been her baseball team.

Jimena made news recently when asked about her sports job and whether she has a problem being the hot sports talk show host. She told Fox News Latino that she doesn’t consider herself a reporter. She’s not a journalist. She’s just on TV to entertain. This is what I’ve been saying is the problem in the U.S. We have women on TV who think they’re reporters, but they’re really asking like four questions per night. It’s just that we can’t say they’re entertainers, because it would be so insulting.
That’s not the case in Mexico. These TV executives go out and find hot chicks who don’t want to be journalists. Jimena (@jimenaofficial) is one of those hot chicks.
[protected-iframe id=”df85f2bb00cfd560c949b7b5270ee4e4-22577676-23105199″ info=”http://video.latino.foxnews.com/v/embed.js?id=4149591161001&w=466&h=263″ ]
The other big news from this Fox interview is that Jimena said baseball is her first love and she would select the Yankees over any of her other favorite teams. Baseball…baseball..baseball. Just when you think baseball is dying, you learn there are still hot chicks who take baseball over football.



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