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Are you a Redskins fan who is cool with your team’s derogatory nickname? Then step up to the plate and hammer home your support of Daniel Snyder’s regime with this 2001 Ford tailgate bus. Just imagine the fun you and the buds could have getting drunk and talking about how much Jay Gruden hates Robert Griffin.

More deets from the seller:

2001 ford bus with 7.3 turbo diesel with only 118,000 miles. Runs great. Used as a tailgate vehicle. New brakes all around with new front calibers on front. 6 new tires. Front and rear air. Currently set up for redskins tailgating, all stickers can be removed.

The removable stickers are an absolute game changer. If you’re aware of an anti-Redskins protest going down on game day, just remove the stickers that say “Redskins” and you’ll be golden. Or if 2015 is the year that finally breaks your fandom, you can start new with another team. Lots of win here.

Sidenote: Nice touch with the cheerleaders on the rearview windows.

[Craigslist- Redskins Tailgate Bus]

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