Kentucky Couch Burning Cake Sales Are On Fire

How popular are burning couch cakes right now in Kentucky? Bakeries can’t make them fast enough, according to Lexington TV stations. Whole Foods in Lexington started this frenzy during Sweet 16 weekend when they debuted a burning couch cake. The news found out and now it’s a must-have for fans who aren’t blowing $5k or so on a Final Four weekend.
From WKYT:

”Every time the phone rings, the bakery sort of cringes a little bit,” said Lindsay Bruner, with Whole Foods Lexington.
To keep up with demand, employees are coming in on their days off to ice cakes bearing Kentucky blue and flames to replicate that time-honored tradition every UK fan knows- couch burning.
Barbara McNeal, of Lexington, bought three cakes.
One is for her daughter and two are for co-workers.
“I don’t know what it is with burning a couch and winning a ball game,” said McNeal. “But, that’s what they want to do.”

The store has already sold 100 of the cakes and demand isn’t slowing down. The problem that I see is that the cakes are too cheap. $10.99 (see below) for a burning couch cake is too easy. We’re talking about fans who’ll pay $20 for a Wildcats steering wheel cover. They’ll pay $12 for UK valve stem covers.
I’m actually shocked Whole Foods has the cakes this cheap. Isn’t a gallon of ice cream like $15 bucks in that place? Now let’s see someone sell a life-size Calipari cake. Seriously, these freaks will buy anything. Get baking.



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