Deion Sanders Wants His Trust Fund Son To Stop Acting Hood

You really can’t blame Deion here for blasting his son over wanting ‘hood doughnuts vs. the doughnuts you get in a safe community. It’s almost like Jr. is disrespecting his father, who worked his ass off so his kids don’t have to eat ‘hood doughnuts. Sr. didn’t work his tail off in the NFL and in life to have his son eat ‘hood doughnuts when they come from a town called Prosper, Texas.
Deion’s kids are so not ‘hood that they grew up in a 29,000 sq. ft. mansion on 109 acres.

I’ve been following Deion’s Christmas celebration for a couple of years and let me tell you that his kids are as far from ‘hood as it gets. Remember Christmas a couple years ago when Deion had the UPS guy dump the presents in the foyer? Yeah, that was the year when Deion didn’t even bother wrapping the boxes. He just let the kids open the boxes in the foyer. It was a zoo.

So this is where Deion is coming from when he tells his kid to stop with the ‘hood stuff. Deion knows it’s a bad look and not a road that Jr. wants to go down, especially with what Tom Hanks is going through right now with his son acting ‘hood when his dad is worth about $350,000,000.

Where Deion’s kids grew up…not the ‘hood.

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