Pro-Texans Neighborhood Can’t Get Enough of This JJ Watt Pickup Truck

We post a lot of tailgate cars here on BC, mostly to ridicule the ones that look creepy as hell, but today there was a twist to the norm — a player-specific truck dedicated to Texans star JJ Watt.

As you can see above (and below), there isn’t anything particularly obnoxious about it other than the rear window. Besides that, the side panels are clean with Texans colors, a logo, and Watt’s No. 99. If you look closely at the main image, you can also see there’s another truck with a Texans sticker on it, and the team logo on the Texas flag.
You have to appreciate how all-in this family is on the Texans, and by the looks of it, that entire neighborhood is all about the team too. Just check out everyone gawk and post up near the Watt truck:

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