Rickie Fowler Squashes Girlfriend’s Instagram Troll


Before I get too deep into this post, I’d just like to point out that is Rickie Fowler’s girlfriend, Alexis Randock, and….HER SISTER on a beach. OK, here’s the story today in the developing Fowler-Randock relationship. Rick is to early Stage 4. This is when the boyfriend keeps an eye on his trophy girlfriend’s social media accounts just to see if he has to handle any trolls who might be causing trouble.

Things got a little out of control last week on this photo:

I’ve been saying it all month: Now is the time for Rick to put a ring on it. He’s been all-in for like the last 8 months. At this point it should all be clear to Rick. Time to lock it down.

The Golf Channel, of all places, caught these screengrabs documenting Rick’s attempt to squash a troll.





There was some debate a week ago when I set the over/under for an engagement ring on September 28. Hope you took the under. This relationship is just a few steps away from Alexis getting a puppy that will be transported on Rick’s private jet.

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