Buy This Luxurious Florida Gators Tailgate Bus — $19,995

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We come across tailgate buses often here at BC, but they are almost always of the school bus or short bus variety. Not today. If you’re a fan of the Florida Gators, you have the rare opportunity to shuttle around to games in style with a luxury bus. The only downside is it will cost you like $20,000.

Before you get all rational and decide it’s too expensive for your taste, here are the juicy details from the seller:

Up for sale is a must have for gator tailgating, get togethers, or vacations! The bus is very reliable. It has hardwood floors, satellite tv, a/c, bathroom. Below is a more detailed list of some of the options:

Manuf: TMC—
Detroit Diesel Engine—
Onan on board generator. Generator is 12,500 kilowatts—
2 on board Air Conditioning Units—
On board bathroom—
Full Bar Area along back wall of bus—
2 – 32″ Philips Flat Screen LCD TVs—
Satellite System for TVs—
1 – Sony Receiver with 7 JBL Speakers and Subwoofer—
1 – Sony DVD Player—
Driving Assist Camera for backing up, towing, etc.

If we’re being real here, the only major downside is the price, right? You’re basically getting fully loaded RV amenities with so much more space. And the driving assist camera for parking? That’s just money.

If we have to be nitpicky — outside of the price — the exterior could use a better paint job. Not sure if you’ll have any money leftover for that expense, but hey, negotiate that price down and maybe you’ll be able to pimp it out even more.

[Craigslist- Florida Gators Tailgate Bus]

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