Justin Verlander and Kate Upton Take in a Magic Game

With the Tigers less than two week away from Opening Day, Justin Verlander and Kate Upton are really going to have to ramp up the quality time before scheduling gets hectic.

Tonight, the two hit up an Orlando MagicAtlanta Hawks game, but with two guests — Ben Verlander and Mike Gerber. Ben, of course, is Justin’s little brother and is an outfielder in the Tigers organization. Mike is also an outfielder in the organization.

According to Kate, this is Ben and Mike’s first NBA game, so it makes total sense that she went with the cherries emoji:

Just poppin 🍒 gerbs13 and @verly32 first #NBAgame #GoMAGIC @justinverlander https://t.co/mM6m8os9MW

— Kate Upton (@KateUpton) March 25, 2015

Perhaps the lovely couple will also treat them to a fancy steakhouse dinner after the game? Anything’s possible when you’re rolling with “The Legend” and “The Bombshell.”

Worth noting: NBA TV’s Kristen Ledlow really wants in.

My Bucket List: 1) Magic game w/ Kate Upton 2) Nothing else pic.twitter.com/eEfKyeakO4

— Kristen Ledlow (@KristenLedlow) March 26, 2015