Buy This Iowa Hawkeyes Tailgate RV — $4,000

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Are you into both the Iowa Hawkeyes and tired clichés? Then this “Back in Black” Hawkeyes Tailgate RV might be the perfect tailgater you need for the 2015 season.

Located in Waterloo, you can see this RV has been nicely stored around some weeds and features that familiar black and gold color scheme. More information from the seller:

Iowa Hawkeyes RV..perfect for tailgating in Iowa City! functioning bathroom and sink. comfortably seats 12. runs great!

Compared to the Iowa creeper van ($2,500) we featured last month, this should be a no brainer. For an extra $1,500, you can fit 12 people inside and have your own functioning bathroom and sink. That stuff is invaluable.

Also, you can’t hate on the Hawkeye-colored seats that can double as a sleeping area for those friends of yours who go way too hard, way too early.

[Craigslist- Hawkeyes RV]

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