Hogan Meets Manning, Hoodie Boat Name Change & AJ McCarron's Volvo

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March Madness is borrrrr-ring
When UCLA is Cinderella, you have a rather boring Sweet 16. Sure, you’ll have that UNC-Wisconsin game, but where are the other stories? Sean Miller facing his old Xavier team? The national media needs to drum up a controversy. Dig something up on Roy Williams. Another Rick Pitino sex scandal? Tom Izzo has illegal Mexicans who cut his trees? Like chalk? Thurs-Sun. should be your dream scenario.
Hockey without penalties
I made the mistake of going to an ECHL game on Saturday and watched a game without a single penalty. Not joking. It’s not bad if you like being home or at the bar by 9:30. The days of fighting, or hooking, seem to be officially over. Maybe I just caught the ECHL on a boring night. I need at least one power play to keep things interesting.
Numbers from @ECHL:

There were no penalties in tonight’s Kalamazoo/Toledo game. Just 4th time in ECHL history and first since Pee Dee at Augusta 3/30/03

Greg Oden's Heart Breaker Hoodie, March Madness Puker & Bilzerian's Poon Crew
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