Marcus Smart Was Ejected Last Night For Punching Matt Bonner In The Nuts


No matter how much you hate someone on the court, you should never go after the nuts. That’s just basic human decency and all men know this. Let elbows fly all you want, but when you’re intentionally punching another man in the stones, you’ve crossed the line. I know he has a history of being somewhat of a punk, but Marcus needs to learn a thing or two about respect.

Also, what has Matt Bonner ever done to anyone? I can maybe¬†understand wanting to punch someone like Kevin Garnett in the nuts, but Matt Bonner? No way. The guy is literally the nicest player in the league. He’s just a big goofy ginger who never talks and stands in the corner with his New Balances and rains threes on teams. Never done a dirty thing in his life.