Hall-Stafford Win Basketball Title, March Madness Roundup & Dog At UK Game

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Day one of March Madness

Texas college basketball sucks…Hampton finished the tournament with more wins than the entire state of Texas…Ohio schools just roll along (4-0)…a story from the NY Times published on March 12 telling the story of how Georgia State head coach Ron Hunter and his son R.J. have struggled with the father-son-coach relationship…No. 5 seeds are 2-0…No. 3 seeds are 0-2…UCLA just has to beat UAB to make the Sweet 16.

Georgetown cover

Did you have Eastern Washington +8? The Hoyas made it a 10-point win on a last-second dunk. Sorry to break the news to you.

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

With six games final, 99.88% of brackets at ESPN are NO LONGER PERFECT (h/t )