Ladies And Gentleman, Your 2015 Minnesota High School All Hockey Hair Team

Every year this guy PullTabProductions on Youtube makes a video ranking the best lettuce of the Minnesota hich school hockey state tournament, here is this year’s team:

First off, I love that the guy who makes these videos is bald. You’d think he have some vicious flow himself, but nope he’s straight razor bald. It’s almost like his hair is living vicariously through these high school kids with salad for days.

Second,┬áthis guy makes these videos every year and every year they go viral and he still hasn’t improved his production. It still looks like a video made by a guy in the sticks of Minnesota who just loves hockey and loves flow. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and that’s why these videos are the best.

Sometimes I wish I could just say F it and grow my hair out like this kid.