Filipino Basketball Player’s Blindfold Dunk a Spectacular Flop

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The Philippine Basketball Association held their annual dunk contest on Friday, and you better bet 2014 champion Justin Melton was looking to take the crown for the second straight year.
Melton, who is also known as “Quickmelt,” “Mouse,” “The Flying Minion,” and “Minion”—at least according to his Wiki page— tried to woo the crowd with a blindfolded windmill slam. Unfortunately, he flopped hard as he was unaware of his surroundings and leaped from the damn free throw line.
If you ask me, it’s still not as bad the Chinese guy who tried to dunk over five guys:
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[H/t to SB Nation]

Ref To Josh Pastner: "Why Are You Out Here?"
Ref To Josh Pastner: "Why Are You Out Here?"
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