Tommy Lasorda Telling John Daly How He Managed Fights


Our love affair with Tommy Lasorda rolls along this morning with this recent video of Tommy telling John Daly (notice the guy with the blonde/white hair) about how he managed fights. Tom is known to show up to Daly golf tournaments and one was held in late February.

Just think of a night where you’re out with the boys and one thing leads to another and you’re sitting around drinking wine and listening to Tommy and Big John stories. That’s somewhere around #6 or #7 on my bucket list. It’s not quite Top 5, but it’s knocking on the door. Lasorda has been skyrocketing up my favorite sports personality list ever since last summer when he did an eating tour of Cooperstown, just destroying whatever food he wanted right out on the sidewalk. I guess my appreciation level is what it is because he’s now 87, hasn’t lost a pound and continues to deliver classic moments.

He just keeps going and that’s great news for all of us who treat sports as entertainment.

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