Best GIFs Of Hooters Spring Training Ball Girls

They’re back!
The Clearwater Hooters Spring Training ball girls made their 2015 debut on Tuesday during the Yankees-Phillies game and they’re up to their old tricks. We had one error and one fielding gem from the wing and beer waitresses. The baseball season can’t officially start until a Hooters girl boots a ball and that happened in the second inning of the Grapefruit Opening Day.
There’s no definitive timeline as to when Hooters ball girls started roaming foul lines during Spring Training, but I’ve found at least one reference to the Phillies and Hooters girls going all the way back to 1999. The Internet just started tracking their antics in 2012 as baseball started to show more March baseball. Now we have MLBTV in HD, DVR and the tools needed to track the Hooters girls as we would ball boys deflating footballs.

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