Murray State Pitcher John Lollar's Leg Kick

Nolan Ryan had a high leg kick. Marichal had a distinct kick. Goose Gossage extended a leg. Orlando Hernandez lifted his leg a little bit. Murray State pitcher John Lollar might have them all beat in the leg kick department. As for his overall pitching abilities…he’s still working the kinks.

Lollar is 0-1 this season with a 5.74 ERA in five appearances. It doesn’t seem that hitters are having any trouble picking up the ball after Lollar goes to the deceiving kick. He has given up 25 hits in 15 2/3 and has only fanned seven. It’s early. Working out the kinks.
But, it’s the Internet age, and guys with big kicks are going to get run on Twitter and you’ll probably end up on SportsCenter.
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