Sydney Esiason’s Red Dress, Brett Favre’s AR-15, Brian Williams’ Basketball Career

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It’s March and it’s….SNOWING

19 days and 8 hours until spring and I’m now even further away from seeing grass than I was yesterday. It should be pretty cool for the Cleveland Indians to celebrate Opening Day and fans can use snowmobiles to cruise across Lake Erie and avoid traffic. The good news: It’s going to be 40 on Tuesday. The bad news: The low on Thursday is supposed to be -1.

UFC 184

Congrats to all of you who paid $60 to see the event and have Rousey win in 14 seconds. Hope it was worth it.

Numbers from @MaryKayCabot :

josh Mccown deal: 3 years 14 million, up to $20 million, $6.25 fully guaranteed, year 1 $5.25 fully guaranteed.