Curt Schilling Likes His Wife's Boobs Just The Way They Are

So Curt Schilling’s wife, Shonda, like many women out there, wanted to get an opinion on a major subject before making a big change. Shonda sent Curt a text about her hair and wanted an opinion while Curt is in Florida working for ESPN at Spring Training.
She got an honest answer.

Curt’s just keeping it real after all these years of marriage. Straight to the point. Married men out there have been through this battle. They want you to fight against cutting the hair so that it will give them the chance to battle back. This is one of the old games and Curt knew exactly how to handle it. If you say “Oh honey, you’ll look beautiful with short hair,” they’ll think you’re just saying that to be nice. If you say the opposite they’ll think you’re being moody and you won’t get sex for two months.
Remember how Schilling handled this. A real pro’s pro. Deflect and compliment at the same time.


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