Mr. Happy Bob Knight, UFC Is Fake Sign & UGA Wants UK

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Why is Bob Knight so miserable?
Bob went off on SMU fans for standing during last night’s game against Temple. Serious. It’s one thing for Mr. Happy to not smile in photos with fans, but it’s another to lecture fans on an open mic during a game. Mr. Happy is 74 and it seems that he’s never been happy in his life. He doesn’t even seem happy fishing in Wyoming where his cheap ass can’t even tip 20% to the local waitresses. Bob told Forbes last fall that you “should never be happy until the scoreboard says you have won.” In other words, Bob’s going to lecture your ass until he has won, which in his mind will never happen until he dies. Horrible way to go through life.
It was -17 at the BC HQ this morning. Spring is just 28 days away.
Numbers from @ESPNStatsInfo:

Jason Richardson is only player left on 76ers since Sam Hinkie became team’s GM in May 2013. Other 14 were traded, waived, hit free agency.

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