Meet Leggy Clippers Hostess Traci B.

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After countless year of misery, the Clippers have finally figured out the secret to success. Draft some guys like Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan to dunk on hapless Europeans, trade filler pieces for Chris Paul, and perhaps most importantly, employ a stellar in-arena hostess in Traci B. (And getting rid of that Donald guy helps too.)
For those who have never been to a Clippers home game, Traci works her tail off to create a fun, engaging atmosphere with DJ Dense. You also can’t miss her; she’s the towering blonde usually rocking a Chris Paul jersey/dress.
Fun facts about Traci (via, mostly):

  • 4-time Clippers Spirit dance member; 2-time captain
  • UCLA alum (she also danced for their spirit team)
  • Former writer/producer on the E! show, “The Daily 10”
  • Actually makes those NBA Christmas sweaters look good
  • Based on her IG, it looks like she knows every athlete who’s played in LA

[iamtracyb- IG | @iamTraciB]

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