MMA Fight Of The Week: Brawl At Texas Walmart Over A Tax Return

This has to be the best MMA fight I’ve seen all week and I didn’t even have to hear dopey Dana White promote this one and tell me why I should buy it on pay-per-view. Word is that the white woman started a beef with the Texas Walmart worker over a tax return.
This is the problem with MMA. There are no real beefs. Guys just fight because Dana tells them to. We need more beefs over things like tax returns, shorting a customer burgers at McDonald’s, etc. Think about the viral fight videos you’ve seen over the last six months. There’s always some sort of ridiculous beef that turns to fisticuffs. Dana needs to tap into this market.
Of course I’m going to sit on the edge of my seat when a crazy Walmart customer headbutts a worker. It’s Texas, you know something crazy is about to go down. In fact, Dana should just hold fights at Walmart. A large segment of his customers will feel at home.
*Notice the braids that get pulled out of Walmart worker’s head. ** Thanks to¬†@eye6919.
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