Warren Sapp In & Out Of Jail, Rex Ryan’s New Tattoo & Leinart Hits Slopes


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Johnny Manziel in rehab

Why do athletes and celebrities announce they’re going to rehab? For positive publicity, right? Of course. What’s the first thing a celebrity announces after a bad PR situation? “I’m entering rehab.” The option is to go to rehab to better your life and not announce a thing. You come out of rehab hopefully a better person and it shows in your life. I have a suspicion that Team Manziel announced the rehab stint for good publicity and to reset the narrative. Team Manziel (Johnny) is masterful at this stuff.

H.S. basketball nerds will like this

Findlay Prep (Henderson, NV) lost to a public school last night. It was the first time a Las Vegas public school has beaten the private high school that’s more like a college basketball minor league team just feeding five stars to major programs.

Numbers from @SportsTaxMan:

Tonight the were 8-25 (.320) from the foul line in loss to

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