Jamarcus Russell Pops Bottles, ‘Sidney’ Crosby & UK-EKU Football Bar Fight


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Duke-Notre Dame (ESPN2, 7:30) anyone? Or you can watch the Atlanta Hawks make 15 passes before taking a shot against the Nets (ESPN, 8). The good news for the gamblers is that you get Stanford-Washington at 11 EST on ESPNU. And if you’re a loser who can’t sleep, there’s Australian Open action all night long. Gamble, gamble, gamble.


Jamarcus Russell popping bottles with…

Jessica Alba keeping her ass in shape

‘Sidney’ Crosby

UK-EKU football bar fight details

K Love full-court pass AGAIN to LeBron…DUNK!

Simulator runs Super Bowl 50k times…winner is…

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‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham has a blowup doll

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Sandwich of the Day


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