I’m So Glad I Got Into Blogging And Not NHL Fighting




So here we have Cody McLeod vs. Paul Gaustad last night in Nashville. Just another Tuesday night in January. It wasn’t a classic fight from either of the guys, but it was still a Tuesday night fight where McLeod was an inch away from breaking Gaustad’s nose with that right hook.

Meanwhile, I was sitting on the couch with my feet up on the coffee table, blanket on the legs, thermostat turned up to 73, just enjoying a quiet night at home. Not a single thought of ever wanting to nearly have my nose broken in a hockey fight. Instead, I was thinking about whether I wanted to watch Storage Wars — it was a new episode — or some worthless college basketball game (Florida-Alabama).

McLeod is 30…has lost a couple teeth and has 978 PIM during his NHL career. I can’t even imagine that life.

I’ve had a few death threats over the years from Browns fans, Redskins fans (when they didn’t want to believe that RG3 was a douche) and probably Florida State fans at some point. That’s the closest I’ve come to fighting at work. It’s been rather comfortable. Sure, the pay isn’t as great as the 3-year, $13-million contract Gaustad signed in 2012, but I don’t have to put my nose and brain on the line.

God created some of us to get in fist fights on Tuesday nights and He created some of us to debate watching Storage Wars or Florida-Alabama. Need more proof we weren’t all created equal?

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