BC’s Super Bowl XLIX Media Bounty Program



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I’m not in Arizona this year for the Super Bowl. I went on a three-year tear attending Super Bowl week in Indy, New Orleans and New York so I figured a year off might be good for my health. These weeks take a year off your life. Seriously, I would get home and need a vacation after five straight days of parties, piles of food and four, maybe five hours of sleep each night. My favorite part of those trips was getting on the plane Super Bowl Sunday morning. Just get my ass home so I can sleep on the couch.

That said, we came up with the idea to throw out a Super Bowl Media Bounty Program. If I can’t be on the ground taking photos of Jesse Palmer working on a blonde, it’s now up to those who are in Phoenix to step up.

We need to see the media in action this week. We need to see the underbelly. We need the sludge, the fun.

Have a Super Bowl media week photo we need to see? Want to suggest a bounty?

mail@bustedcoverage.com or @bustedcoverage

Example bounties:

• Skip Bayless drinking a beer – $14.99

• Adam Schefter coming out of a Phoenix strip club (photo or video) – $99.99

• Any member of the Gronk family with a porn star (photo or video) – $1

• Photo of Stephen A. Smith at a strip club – $39.99

• Warren Moon out to dinner with three blondes (photo or video) – $11.99

• Photo of any Dan Patrick ‘Danettes’ with a porn star – $19.99

• John Clayton drinking a beer – $29.99

Last night: Not drinking…needs to have a drink.

John Clayton about to get shitfaced

• Photo of Mike Wilbon with a porn star – $89.99



• Photo of Mike Ditka with a porn star – $59.99

• Photo of Chris Berman with a porn star – $104.99

• Shitfaced Trey Wingo (photo or video) – $4.99

• Ray Lewis with blood on his hands (photo or video) – $499.99

• Chris Mortensen doing shots with ASU chicks – $89.99

• Photo of random shitfaced B-list media member – $10

• Video of Charissa Thompson doing body shots off Melissa Stark – $199.99

• Video of Al Michaels doing body shot off porn star – $999.99

• Video of Bob Costas doing body shot off anything – $1299.99


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