Greg Oden’s Birthday Gifts, Fake Fan/Mascot Fight & Holly Sonders At Golf Expo

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Patriots PR team put on a clinic

Roll Hoodie out early, tell him to say he had nothing to do with the balls and that he was disturbed by it all. Then move up Tommy’s presser so it looks like the team is trying to be honest with the media and get this all wrapped up before the weekend. Tommy plays dumb, knowing the NFL isn’t going to do anything. Just say you don’t know how the balls got deflated. Smile, play it cool. No biggie. That’s PR 101 from the Patriots, the best in the business. Of course the media isn’t satisfied with Tommy so once they get to Arizona the team will just say they are focused on the Super Bowl and they have “moved on” from the situation. Genius.

Super Bowl gambling numbers

It’s estimated that Americans will illegally gamble $3.8 billion on the Super Bowl while $100 million will be gambled legally in Vegas. Time to legalize and tax it, boys. What state will be the first to take on Goodell?

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

47 prior Super Bowl Over/Under Totals (none on first SB): 24 OVERS, 23 UNDERS