Drew Rosenhaus Files For Divorce From Wife Lisa Thomson




It’s all over, according to TMZ and court documents. Drew Rosenhaus has filed for divorce from his 20-something blonde dime, Lisa Thomson, that he married in 2013. The relationship was well documented around here as Drew finally found the woman of his dreams and was ready to settle down. I’m pretty sure I warned him a couple years ago it was a bad move and to never get married, but he’s now 48 so maybe he thought it was the time to settle down.

It wasn’t.

Things went real bad over the weekend when the couple had a blowup fight that led to the cops being called and Rosenhaus reportedly giving Thomson garbage bags and telling her to get out. The cops were concerned that there might be a gun in the house, but they eventually calmed the situation. Lisa took to Twitter on Monday to say that Drew didn’t pull a gun on her during the argument.

It was too late. Drew was drawing up the paperwork.

Say what you want about Drew, the guy seems to be making the wise decision here. There’s no saving this marriage. Once your wife is on a boat with Dan Bilzerian, it’s all over. She’s damaged goods. There’s no going back. How could Drew possibly handle West coast business while his hot wife is at home trying on bikinis for Bilzerian boat excursions? Must’ve killed Drew to think about it.

The good news for Rosenhaus is that he had a pre-nup and he owns the house they lived in. This one should be wrapped up fairly quick.

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Never forget the good times:

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