DeMarco Murray & Heidi Mueller Are Engaged



DeMarco ‘Spray Tan’ Murray just came off a MVP-type season where he rushed for 1,845 yards and was accused in early December of cheating with a married woman, who just happened to be the wife of a former collegiate teammate. He got his ‘Spray Tan’ nickname after the husband, Brennan Clay, released texts messages between Murray and his wife. The legend was born.

Flash-forward to this week. DeMarco Murray put a ring on his girlfriend’s (not Clay’s wife) finger. Murray is now engaged to Heidi Mueller, a former soap opera actress who already has a baby with Murray.

Following along?

This was the logical step to put the who ‘Spray Tan’ thing behind him. Murray pretty much didn’t have any choice here. You have to prove that there isn’t another woman. You have to show your baby mama that you care. You have to show you baby mama that she’ll be getting part of the new contract that Spray Tan will be inking.

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