Cardale Jones Up In Da Club, Pizza Hut Spinach Disaster & Raw Sign of the Year

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Deflated balls

So D’Qwell Jackson picks off a Brady pass late in the second quarter and notices something odd about the football. He gives the ball to someone on the staff who then alerts Pagano. Eventually the Colts management team is notified. One thing leads to another and the NFL is investigating the balls supplied by the Patriots. Look, the good news here is that there’s something to talk about during Super Bowl media week and talking heads will be referring to “deflated balls.” I’m all for this drama. It’s good for business.

A cameraman knocked out Tiger’s tooth?

I’m not buying this story about how Woods lost a tooth at a skiing event.

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

Sportsbook BetOnline reports 77% of early action on , with only 23% on .

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