Greg Oden Hanging with the Twin Peaks Girls

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The last time we checked on Greg Oden he was out dunking on some weaklings during a pick-up basketball game at the OSU recreational center. It was a rare return to form for Greg considering every time I find something on him on social media he looks super depressed.

Greg actually continued his wave of positive Buckeye energy this past weekend, hitting up a Twin Peaks restaurant in Indianapolis:

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Screen shot 2015-01-19 at 9.41.16 AM

For once, the women actually knew who they were taking a picture with! I think.

As for the Twin Peaks establishment, I’m definitely interested in trying it out. California doesn’t have a location yet, but apparently BC gave a rave review of the place in early 2014:

It is amazing and makes Hooters look like Chili’s. The food is unbelievable, but the real reason you should go is the waitress staff. If you find an ugly waitress at Twin Peaks, you would be the first person ever to find one because, much like a Yeti, they only exist in fable.

I mean, attractive girls in buffalo plaid? There’s nothing else a faux hipster wants in life than that.