Nik Stauskas’ Girlfriend Taylor Anderson Headed to Prom With High Schooler

Taylor Anderson


Woodhaven High School student Jaime Guerra had one simple question for Sacramento Kings rookie Nik Stauskas on Wednesday night—how many retweets to take Taylor Anderson (Nik’s girlfriend) to prom?


10,000 retweets is a pretty lofty goal if you aren’t a celebrity, but the Stauskas clan probably wasn’t expecting NBA players to help get the job done in like two hours:


Man, I wish Twitter was more of a thing when I was in high school. Gone are the days of kids making videos and uploading them to YouTube in the hopes of landing a celebrity date.  Now a bunch of thirsty 17-year-olds can just use Twitter to attract the likes of Kim DeJesus and Amanda McCarthy.

[tayanderson1- IG]

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