Cardale Jones Spotted Near 12 Gauge Department At Dick's

Where else would you expect to find 12 Gauge at Dick’s Sporting Goods? I know someone out there in Buckeye land will freak out thinking I’m insinuating he was looking at 12 gauge shotguns and that it’s wrong to joke about guns and athletes and on and on and on.
Look, it’s 12 Gauge near the 12 gauge section. Calm down national champion.
Anyway, it seems that Cardale did some shopping Wednesday night at the SouthPark Mall in Strongville. There was some back slapping, some autographing, picture taking and just general walking around as a national champion who just went 3 for 3 in games he wasn’t supposed to win. The guy just won three rings in three games and has never started a game at Ohio Stadium.
Those of you who don’t live in a college football obsessed state have no idea what all this means for Cardale. He’ll have zero issue making money the rest of his life on the autograph circuit. Seriously. He could sign for 25 years and never run out of customers. He’ll eventually have very rich men wanting to put his name on car dealerships. There is zero reason for him to stay at Ohio State right now. His legend is written and all that can happen by returning is staining that legend. Take a chance, turn pro and see what happens.
You’ll always have the autograph circuit to fall back on.

Cardale autographing for his new fans


Just out cruising around a day before he declares for the NFL


He’ll be signing autographs the rest of his life at Ohio malls and Kroger

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