Jameis Finds Jesus, Taco People Pick Ohio State & A Romantic SEC Dinner

Liking how these taco people are thinking - mainLive from the national championship…

I’m a little late today because my ass isn’t used to staying up until 1:30 a.m. and drinking for 14 hours or so. Here’s the brutal truth from Fort Worth: OSU fans outnumber Ducks fans 100:1. Maybe that’s an exaggeration. Let’s just say that Oregon fans aren’t exactly tearing up Sundance Square. It’s also disturbing how few locals came out last night to see the ESPN action. Yeah, it’s kinda cold, but it’s not really that bad for those of us used to 20-below with the wind chill.

Odds/Pick from Las Vegas Sun

The professionals in Vegas say Ohio State and the 6 is the play.

Peyton Manning’s arm strength

You still think Peyton’s arm/shoulder is OK? I got killed during the Bengals game when I suggested the Broncos weren’t throwing the ball down field in the first half because Peyton’s arm was shot. His 4.6 yards per completion average on Sunday was his lowest YPC average of the season. The sad truth is that Peyton’s career is over.

Numbers from @SportsTaxMan:

In his first 11 games this season Peyton Manning had 34 td passes. In his last 6 games he has 6 td passes.

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