Someone Buy This Vintage Michael Olowokandi Clippers Jersey


As a Clippers fan, it’s safe to say that no draft pick in the team’s history sums up its years of pre-Lob City futility more than Michael Olowokandi. Watching this dude play brought about an inner rage no eight-year-old should have possessed. Eventually I just got so used to the losing that when David Stern gifted the franchise with Chris Paul I didn’t know to react. Part of me still feels like the dark rain cloud has to mosey on back at some point.

The Candy Man Clippers are the root of this irrational fear so it only makes sense that I came across Los Angeles-based sports boutique “And Still” selling an away Olowokandi jersey.

Screen shot 2015-01-08 at 6.09.58 PM


$100?! For the poster child of Donald Sterling Era draft picks?!? Come on.

(…Is it weird that I want it?)

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