Manziel’s Girlfriend Staying Warm, Shawn Bradley Sighting & Roll Tide In Idaho

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Florida’s balls are freezing off

Let’s check with WTSP in Tampa, a station that loves to sensationalize a story and see how they’re handling the “Artic Blast” that has descended on the Sunshine State. You hate to see all the people who left Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Chicago and Indiana suffer so much in their trailer parks. I hope the golf carts start this morning.

No biggie, just a snake in the toilet

So some woman in San Diego was about to drop a deuce Tuesday when a 5 1/2 foot snake decided to pop its head out of the water.

Numbers from @SportsTaxMan:

Odell Beckham Jr. added to Pro Bowl roster. Each player on winning team will receive $55,000 & losers $28,000.

National Championship Sorority Wars, Steve Kroft Mistress Texts & Arizona’s Janie