Jim Harbaugh Takes Tyrone Wheatley To Red Robin During Interview

Former Michigan running back legend Tyrone Wheatley rolled into Ann Arbor this week for an interview to join Jim Harbaugh’s staff and the party ended up at a Red Robin near campus. Tyrone went home to his family on Thursday with a job offer from Harbaugh, according to Michigan insider Sam Webb.
There’s this fantasy that most fans have that great college football coaching staffs are built in a darkened secret room behind a local watering hole where Michigan Men hash out details on how to rebuild the program. Not at Michigan under Harbaugh. He’s all about endless fries and Red’s Nantucket Seafood Scatter.
And it seems that Jim might also be doing back room deals at the local Bdubs, according to a couple different spotters. Let it be written down in history that Jim Harbaugh rebuilt the Michigan football program at horrible chain restaurants. The new Michigan Way.
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