Upton-Verlander Vacation Is Over, DeJesus Vacation Ending & Gronk’s Bye Week

morning twitpics


Last Bengals playoff win…

…was January 6, 1991. Just one time in the 21st century. One simple victory. Just win once and the fans will get off your ass for the next 15 years. We’ve suffered long enough through the shit years when the season was over by October 1. We’ve suffered through years of the Steelers winning Super Bowls. We suffered through Carson Palmer’s knee blowing out. We suffered through Akili Smith. Dan Wilkinson. Ki-Jana. Etc. I actually pray that Andy Dalton figures out a way to not go one-and-done without A.J. Green. At least win one game and then I don’t care how bad Peyton blows you out in Denver.

UFC 182

Sounds like it wasn’t a very exciting night for the UFC bros. The comment section at Bloody Elbow says it all. $60 for the UFC bro-fest is getting quite old for much of the Affliction-shirt-wearing crowd.

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

Early Line: -7.5 over