Kim DeJesus Hikes Up Volcano, Ends Up In Bikini

I have no idea where Kim DeJesus is spending her Christmas/New Year’s holiday (she probably mentioned on IG, but I don’t keep track of the captions), but I’m enjoying the hell out of the photos she’s sending from the jungle.
I mean, here I am stuck in shithole Ohio freezing my balls off and DeJesus is pumping pics back from some tropical paradise where she hikes up a volcano and ends up in a bikini. How did we ever live before phones could transmit photos within seconds to losers in Ohio?
Anyway, BC has been singing the DeJesus praise for well over a year now and the legend just continues to grow. She dropped a massive cleav-bomb Christmas photo and then jets off to the jungle for an IG photo series. This is why I’m comfortable saying that no IG chick with under 10k followers is on fire like DeJesus right now. In fact, I’ll just throw it out there that Kim is kicking the shit out of Charlotte McKinney right now.
That’s right, I said it. Jungle bikinis sealed the deal.
[Kim DeJesus – Instagram]

Before the hike:



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