Janet Gretzky's Xmas Gift, Erin Andrews' Christmas & Kim DeJesus' Xmas Sweater

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Nick Saban’s Christmas
It never fails that I wonder what Nick Saban did for Christmas. How did his day go? Did he sit around and analyze Ohio State in his head while the rest of the family opened presents? Does he get into the family gift exchange with Ms. Terry’s relatives? Does he even buy gifts for Ms. Terry or does his secretary do that job? Does Nick smile when he opens a pack of socks from Ms. Terry? I need the SEC Network to get a camera into Nick’s house next Christmas. I would watch.
How to recycle a Christmas tree in Nevada
Goats. That’s the plan in Reno where goats will be used to eat Christmas trees that people need to trash. Don’t throw your tree in the desert, donate it to the goats who’ll eat all the needles.
Numbers from @ESPNStatsInfo:

Most alley oop dunks this season…
DeAndre Jordan 44
Tyson Chandler 36
Andre Drummond 30


Bama Christmas Cookies, Bama Fans Meet Santa & An Angels Bank Robbery
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