Crazy White Women Get Into Boxing Match At Christmas Party


Things really get fun at this Christmas party at the :39 mark when “Pam” unloads a “f–k you, bitch” on one of her family members. It appears that Pam has had a few too many and needs to call it a night. Christmas needs to be over. Nope, Pam isn’t having any of that shit. It’s go time. One women asks if Pam “wants to go” and she didn’t mean for a car ride. It’s on bitch!

Listen closely — it sounds like Pam gets slapped around and has her head slammed into the wall at least two times.

Meanwhile, all the men in the house just let it go down. They know better. Pam’s been asking for this shit for a couple years and it finally went down. As a guy, you know it’s best just to let this play out. You let the women get it out of their system before everyone calms down and opens white elephant gifts. Not that it matters, but I’m pretty sure this all went down in Virginia. I know you instantly guessed Florida — and that was a good guess — but our research tells us that Virginia is responsible for this madness.

Happy holidays!

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