Wayne Gretzky’s Doodle, Roll Tide Shoplifting & A Mariota Jets Jersey

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Andy Dalton won a playoff game

Damn right it feels good to see Dalton pull off a playoff victory. Now, I know there will be some moron who will say the playoffs don’t start until January. Obviously that’s not true., but it’s not true to Bengals fans. The playoffs started last night because now every game for Dalton is a must-win. The Bungwads MUST beat Pittsburgh to get a first round home game, and pray the Raiders can beat a beaten up Manning to get a first round bye.

Vegas for Xmas

I’ve always thought it would be fun to go to Vegas for the holidays. Just get drunk, be happy, stay up all night for a week and blow the money you would’ve used on stupid Christmas gifts at the craps table. And the weather would be much nicer than sitting around miserable in Ohio. It was 73 on Monday.

Numbers from @ESPNStatsInfo:

With the loss, Peyton Manning is now 8-1 in his career vs the Bengals and 22-2 vs the AFC North.