Emailer Writes Cardale Jones A Message, Thinks I’m Going To Show Cardale The Email



So I got a weird email sent to the BC tip hotline last week from a guy named “Brian” who wrote: “Just testing,You will hear from me soon.”

That’s it. That was how Brian broke the ice. Now, the first thing that goes through my head is that this is some crazed Big Ten fan who is about to firebomb my house. Or an angry Ohio State fan who has been stalking and wants to kill me. It’s hard not to think like this when guys have openly said on Twitter that they would kill me. I’ve had Buckeyes fans say it. I’ve had Cleveland Browns fans say it. There’s usually one guy on Twitter who scares the shit out of you to the point where you keep your head on a swivel when leaving the house.

Anyway, I eventually got another email from Brian. The first line: “I wanted the Buckeyes to know that a lot of people out of state will be supporting them.”

Wait, what? Go on, Bri.

“It would be cool if you guys could put the Fleur-de lis emblem on your uniforms.”

Woah, what do we have here? That’s right, Brian thinks I’m connected to the Ohio State football program and is writing to his favorite team. So the natural move here is to get Brian to write an email that I will show to Cardale Jones.

Brian writes:



It’s so refreshing to get emails like this where the guy isn’t threatening to kill my dog or break my legs, especially during this holiday season. You just want me to show Cardale an email? Consider it done, Brian.