Falcons Claus Spreading Holiday Cheer…F-Bombs Women At Superdome



Everyone needs to take a deep breath and calm down. From the Atlantic to the Pacific. From Lake Superior to the Gulf of Mexico. From Soldier Field to the Superdome. Everyone needs to chill out a little bit. We don’t need a black dude telling some white woman that she’s “a bitch and will always be a bitch.” And then tell her she’s a “white bitch” on Sunday after the Falcons eliminated the Saints from the playoffs.

Why so much hatred in this country, especially when it obviously started with some holiday cheer because Falcons Claus is wearing a festive Santa hat.

From what I can tell, everyone had been drinking, someone touched someone and Falcons Claus thought it was a total show of disrespect.

I also hear something about “I’m going to tell you white boy…” Then Santa acts like he’s going to hit Saints woman with a game program.

What has happened to this great land? Must we all fight? Can’t we all just let it go? I’m beginning to think that the Christmas holiday is just too much for people who are on the brink. The stress. The anger. The hatred. It all boils over and turns some of us into hate machines like Falcons Claus.

No woman deserves to be talked to like that. Shame on Falcons Claus.