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How to go after North Korea

I tweeted this morning that if you really want to retaliate against North Korea, the U.S. should block Jong-un from visiting Brazzers. Don’t think for a second that bro isn’t wacking it to American porn. He’s a huge fan of American pop culture and his porn selection has to include the best of the best from the U.S. porn industry. Remember how North Korea executed Jong-un’s ex-girlfriend for having a sex tape? He had to go through with the execution because otherwise the population thinks he’s a fraud, which he obviously is. We also know that North Koreans download movies like Top Gun and porn. You want to start shit by hacking Sony and making threats against theaters? Enjoy spanking it to Chinese porn, you assholes. No hot blondes with giant implants for you.

Weather guy shot in Texas

I’m all-in on this story of a meteorologist being shot outside a Texas TV station. Random violence? Inside job? Someone pissed off with him over the weather? How is a weather guy just shot on a Wednesday morning.

Numbers from @ESPNStatsInfo:

Keep this in mind, Cavaliers fans – Last team to lose at home by 29 or more and go on to win the NBA title– 1969 Celtics