Kate Upton Sings 'Happy Birthday' To Jamie Foxx

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The Kate Upton and Justin Verlander Offseason® rolls along with a chance meeting Saturday night with Jamie Foxx in New York. One thing led to another and Marilyn was onstage singing “Happy Birthday” to Foxx, who was turning 47. And Verlander just continues riding along. You really can’t blame this guy for living it up right now. He’ll be 32 in February and he has a fat $28,000,000 payday coming his way, up from the $20,000,000 he made this season.
Verlander is doing exactly what you and I would be doing with that money and that chick. You’d be right there in some club called Avenue acting like you’re having the time of your life. Of course there will be baseball dorks who’ll slam me like normal: “He should be in Florida getting ready for the season. How are the Tigers going to win a World Series if all he’s doing is partying?”
On and on and on.
Look, you get this one life. I say you party in NYC and sweat out the tequila the next day at some gym. You let Upton have her life acting like Marilyn Monroe and have fun with it. Buy a Lambo. Blow money renting some yacht in France. Buy expensive jewelry for Pageviews and just have fun.

Verlander’s all good:

The NY Post reports:

We’re told that Upton arrived at the nightclub with Tigers pitcher boyfriend Justin Verlander when Foxx spotted them and “told the DJ to turn off the music to announce their arrival.”
Upton grabbed the mike to sing “Marilyn-to-JFK-style,” and “asked the crowd to help sing along,” our spy said.

Everyone laughs, drinks and enjoys life as the one-percenters. Nothing wrong with that. The only danger here is you losing Upton in the crowd and she ends up leaving with Foxx.
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